About Us



We, the National Mandate Group, are a group of nationalistic, patriotic and concerned Nigerians from across all ethnic nationalities and diverse political, social, economic, professional and religious divides.

We are united by our firm belief that the unity, peace and progress of Nigeria are non-negotiable and by our unflinching support for the enthronement of true democratic value, transformation of our national economy and socio-political landscape.

We decided to set up and form ourselves into an association known as the National Mandate Group duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission to project progressive governance that will ensure the realization of the dreams of our founding Fathers for a true federalism based on the principles of fairness, equity and justice.

To provide a credible national platform for the total and comprehensive mobilization of popular support through aggressive engagement of our citizens that will culminate into a comprehensive action plan towards a national rebirth.

To amplify, reinforce and strengthen the unity and progress of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by engaging in national discourse that will help in deepening internal democracy and good governance through all-inclusive mobilization and support for the enthronement of good governance at all levels..

Membership of the National Mandate Group is open to all Nigerians irrespective of political and religious affiliation who support the popular view that Nigeria after 60 years of independence is yet to attain overall industrial, social, economic, political and human resource development to the level where Nigerians individually and collectively be proud to be called NIGERIANS

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